Call for papers on the theory and practice of journalism for the inaugural issue of “Journalism Research Review Quarterly“.

The Journal Editors of the Polish and international online journal invite the submission of articles, book reviews and other scientific texts on the theory and practice of journalism for the inaugural issue of “Journalism Research Review Quarterly“” – “Naukowy Przeglad Dziennikarski”.

WHAT in the “Journalism Quarterly Research Review”?

“Journalism Research Review Quarterly” is a new international online journal for scientists, researchers and people interested in media theory and practice, and media influence on society.

“Journalism Research Review Quarterly” is published by the Journalism Studies Association in Rzeszow, Poland and the Institute of Genology of Journalism and Visual Communication, Department of Journalism and Social Communication, Jagiellonian University, Poland.

WHO is invited to submit?

“Journalism Research Review Quarterly“ invites contributors who have something interesting to say about journalism (press, television, radio, Internet), its history, theory and the newest trends. We invite materials, which discuss national and international media, management in media industry, process of visualization, ethics in journalism and methodologies on media research. Journal places no restriction on the topics discussed.

Editors of “Journalism Research Review Quarterly” invite contributors to write in their own native language, not only in English. Materials would be published with a summary both in English and Polish (3000 sign) . Articles would be reviewed by scientists and researchers of media and journalism.

TO WHOM should it be sent?

Articles, book reviews and other scientific texts can be sent by e-mail (attachment in .doc or .docx format) to Krzysztof Groń at (Polish); Joanna Kędra at (Scandinavian languages); (English), (Spanish), (French).

HOW should one submit an article or other material?

We invite submission via e-mail (in .doc or .docx format): publication’s main text in author’s native language or in English. The article should include a summary in English (maximum 3000 characters).

Font: Times New Roman, size: 12; margins: 2,5 cm; references in footnotes, bibliography in the end of the article.

Book reviews should be sent with a detailed bibliographic description.

For general information about the Journal, please visit the “Journalism Research Review Quarterly” website at: